Nimses application

Nimses concept is realized through the Nimses App. It is a free location-based mobile application available for download on Google Play and Apple Store from February 2017. The Nimses app serves as a platform for generation, detention, storing and accumulation of human time. It can also be used for payments and communication.

In terms of options available, Nimses generates, stores and accumulates all the units of lived human time. It also operates as payment system for transferring personal time from one individual to another. Nimses has all the tools inherent for social networks as well. Using Nimses, people can actually express interest in real people, not just these people’s online activities.

The app shows the nimbs of all registered users geographically close to one another in real time. Thus, individual nims balances are easily comparable. Simply encountering a person on the street, one can use the app to see the size of his or her nimb right away.

Nimses allows users to spend nims on anything they feel worth spending their time on. In Nimses people can also receive nims from others. If someone receives a nim from someone else, it means that a minute of real life was shared with them.

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