How to create a business account

To create a business account, click on this link and enter the phone number that you specified while registering in Nimses. The verification code will be sent to your profile's private messages in the application.

After you enter the account you will be able to create a Merchant, using the appropriate button. If your company has several outlets, you can create separate stores for each one.

All fields in the Merchant account have to be filled in:

  1. Photos - attached images in the merchant`s account have to include the company`s logo or theme author's images of the product/service provided.
  2. Display name - the field where the correct name of the company / brand / institution is displayed.
  3. Contact person - the name of the employee of the company, communicating with buyers on its behalf.
  4. Website - a link to the website, company`s pages in social networks, and other internet resources that include information about the company and products/ services it provides.
  5. Description - basic information about the company.
  6. Phone number - contact phone number of the company. The number has to be indicated in the correct format, including country code and mobile service provider`s code.
  7. Address - exact physical location of the company. For companies that doesn`t have physical address, it is allowed to indicate the city without the exact address of the company.

After the creation of the Store you will be able to place your offers on the Nimses Goods platform.

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