How to buy in Nimses Goods

In order to purchase anything in the Nimses Goods you must have the HUMAN status. Only users with HUMAN status can use Nimses Goods.

On the main screen, tap ICON_GOODS_INACTIVE.png. In the opened section you will see all the available offers. By tapping on an interesting offer you will be able to see detailed information about the product or service, reviews, visit the Merchant`s page and also purchase this offer.
In order to buy something, click "Buy for XXX" and in the appearing window confirm the purchase by tapping the "Buy" button.
After that you will get a receipt with a number which you will need to show to the Merchant in order to pick up the purchase.
The receipt can be sent to another user as a gift or in case you do not have the opportunity to pick up the purchase yourself. The user you send the check to must be verified and have HUMAN status.
The Merchant reserves the right to refuse to give out a purchase in case a person picking the goods up is not the one who bought it.

Remember that all offers in Nimses Goods have a limited validity.

We remind you that the transfer of the code from the check to the Seller should be carried out only at the moment or after receiving the goods / services.


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