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Requirements for offers at Nimses Goods

This is a short list of requirements to the offers being placed. For more detailed information see the Nimses Goods Termas and Conditions.

1. The offer should not contain elements of pornography or be of erotic nature, as well as propose goods and services of the 18+ category.
2. The offer cannot contain goods and services related to political, religious, nationalistic or radical organizations.
3. The offer cannot contain goods that are narcotic drugs.
4. The offer cannot contain any kind of weapons and ammunition.
5. The offer cannot contain goods prohibited by the legislation of the country in which the offer is posted.
6. The offer can only contain original goods and services that meet the standards and with all the necessary permits. 
6. Goods in the offer can only be new, working properly and performing all the declared functions. Goods must be in their original packaging without damage, defects and deformations, comply with sanitary norms, with all the requirements for shelf life, storage conditions and availability of all relevant certificates (if any).
7. You cannot give discounts on goods, prices for which are regulated by the government (for example, alcoholic beverages, tobacco products — their price cannot be lower than the minimum prices set by the state).

The Merchant is responsible for the quality, authenticity and compliance with all necessary standards of the placed offers.

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