Requirements for the placed offers

The Nimses Goods platform gives companies the opportunity to place offers and advertising traffic with a wide audience, therefore, sellers and offers pass a thorough moderation. To successfully pass the moderation, your offer must meet all of the following requirements:

  1. The offer should not contain elements of pornography or eroticism.
  2. When placing products and services of the category 18+, you must set the appropriate age targeting.
  3. The offer can not contain:
    - goods and services related to political, religious, nationalistic and radical organizations;
    - goods that are narcotic substances;
    - any types of weapons and ammunition;
    - goods prohibited by the legislation of the country in which the offer is placed.
  4. The offer can contain only original goods and services that meet the standards and have all necessary permits.
  5. Goods in the offer can only be new, properly working and performing all the declared functions. The goods must be in their original packaging without damage, defects and deformations, comply with all sanitary standards, with all the requirements for expiry dates, storage conditions and availability of all relevant certificates (if needed).
  6. You can not make discounts on goods, prices for which are regulated by the state (for example, alcoholic beverages, tobacco products - the price of such goods cannot be lower than the minimum prices set by the state).
  7. The name and description of the offer should fully characterize the product/service and provide fairly detailed data about the offer (for example, size/volume, composition, color variations, delivery conditions, etc.).
    When placing offers at a discount, the name should also contain the discount amount provided, and the description - the amount of the extra payment.
  8. The minimum amount of the discount should be 50%.
  9. The cost of the offer in nims must be calculated relatively the actual cost of the goods/services on other resources of the company. At this stage, the calculation of the value is carried out at rate: 10,000 nims = 1 $, considering the unified contribution of 50% of the total amount of nims available for withdrawal.
  10. Attached images in the offer should contain not more than 20% of the text of the total image and clearly describe the provided product/service. Offers with poor quality images or ones containing any Nimses symbolism will not be able to pass moderation.
  11. The text of the title and description requires a detailed check for grammatical, spelling and punctuation errors. "Emoji" symbols cannot take more than 20% of the text.

Responsibility for the quality, authenticity, and compliance with all necessary standards of the offers lies on the Seller.

For more detailed information, see the Nimses Goods Terms of Use.

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