Requirements for the placed offers

Every offer made in Nimses Goods will be visible to a very large audience. Therefore each seller and their goods and services must be carefully moderated.  In order to receive a confirmation from us your offer should abide by these guidelines.




If your product or service is exclusively intended for buyers over the age of 18 then you must set up the correct age targeting on your offer.




  • Goods or services associated with political, religious, nationalistic or radical organisations
  • Drugs
  • Any weapons or ammunition
  • Goods which are prohibited according to the legislation of the country where the offer is placed/created




On our platform we only allow sellers to offer new goods that work properly, fulfil all of the advertised functions, are in their original packaging, and most importantly are complete and not damaged in any way.


Please make sure that your product adheres to modern hygiene standards. Please make sure  that you abide by the product’s expiration period and keep to the correct conditions of storage. Do not forget to provide certificates proving the product`s condition/origin etc. when it is necessary and/or required.




The name should describe/characterize the product or service in full so that the buyer understands exactly what is being offered. For example: “Loose Fitting Green Skirt”.

You must specify the detailed characteristics (size/volume, composition, color) of the goods provided.
You must also specify the delivery method (mail or pickup) and at whose expense it is paid.

Please carefully check the description for any grammar mistakes or typos. Emojis can amount to no more than 20% of the text.




You cannot give a discount on goods that are priced according to the government standards.  Set the discount percentage straight away in the name and put the surcharge in the description.

The minimum discount possible is 50%.



The price of an offer must be indicated in nims.
The maximum cost for "Usual Goods" (cafes and shops) is 100 thousand nims.
The maximum cost for "Digital products" (activation keys, online services) is 20 thousand nims.




Photos should correspond to the goods or services they represent to the highest degree. Let the buyer take a look at the product from different angles. We advise against adding too many filters or using photoshop. Simply upload high quality photos preferably 1440x1440 in size. Text should not occupy more than 20% of the image’s area.

The maximum number of simultaneously placed offers from one store can't be more than 6.


You are the seller. Therefore, please take responsibility for the product or service you offer.  

Find more information in Nimses Goods Terms of Use.

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