Terms and Conditions of Nimses Goods

General Provisions

Nimses Goods is a digital platform that unites businesses and people in a single online-offline space.

Only companies can create a business account

Nimses ensures that all users of Nimses Goods have an opportunity to receive only the freshest, the highest quality and really interesting and relevant offers from the best companies.

That`s why Nimses introduces a number of rules and regulations that must be respected.


Requirements for the placed offers

For companies Nimses Goods is a source of advertising traffic, which they receive not for money but in exchange for their goods and services offered to users. Therefore, it is recommended that you place offers available to be fully paid in nims.

The description should be complete and understandable, include all the information about the price, features and properties of the offer, info regarding the manufacturer country and other necessary information.

The image of the offer must be up-to-date, true and consistent with the product, and/or provide a clear definition of the proposed service.

The image should be aesthetically pleasing, it shouldn`t contain symbols or name of Nimses.

If your offer is not in demand for too long, it is likely to be withdrawn from the market.


Fundamental rules

The offer should not contain elements of pornography or be of erotic nature, as well as propose goods and services of the 18+ category.

The offer cannot contain goods and services related to political, religious, nationalistic or radical organizations.

The offer cannot contain goods that are narcotic drugs.

The offer cannot contain any kind of weapons and ammunition.

The offer cannot contain goods prohibited by the legislation of the country in which the offer is posted.

The offer cannot be placed at an excessive (unjustified) cost. The minimum amount of the discount is 50%.

The offer can only contain original goods and services that meet the standards and with all the necessary permits, and also have an acceptable cost.

Goods in the offer can only be new, working properly and performing all the declared functions. Goods must be in their original packaging without damage, defects and deformations, comply with sanitary norms, with all the requirements for shelf life, storage conditions and availability of all relevant certificates (if any).

 If you did not find the desired category or you have any questions or suggestions about the platform work, text us on the e-mail: support@nimses.com


Rights and Responsibilities of the Merchant

The Merchant undertakes:

  1. to provide only genuine and high-quality goods that meet all the requirements of the section "Requirements for placed offers";
  2. to provide the user with up-to-date and complete information about the conditions, place, time and the offer readiness for the delivery to the Buyer;
  3. to give the user the purchased offer in time and in full;
  4. to identify correct and up-to-date personal information, enabling the Buyer to freely contact the Merchant and/or pick up the purchased offer;
  5. to indicate only correct and actual information about the offer;
  6. to conduct honest activity that does not contradict with the current legislation of the country in which the offer is posted, and also to comply with all the Rules and Policies of Nimses and Nimses Goods;
  7. to bear full responsibility for the quality, authenticity and compliance with all necessary standards of the placed offers.

The Merchant has the right:

  1. at their own discretion not to give the offer to a Buyer provided that the whole cost in nims is refunded;
  2. at their own discretion not to give the offer to a Buyer whose check was overdue (due to the Buyer`s fault);
  3. to establish and regulate the cost of placed offers;
  4. to establish and regulate the number of goods and/or services and the time frame of the placed offers.


Rights and Responsibilities of the Buyer

The Buyer undertakes:

  1. to pick up the purchased offer from the Merchant timely and in full;
  2. to pay the full price for the offer placed by the Merchant;
  3. to contact the Merchant, if necessary, to clarify all the details and conditions regarding the purchased offer.

 The Buyer has the right:

  1. to demand the goods corresponding to the offer and all specified characteristics (including terms, quantity, etc.) in full;
  2. not to pick up goods that do not meet the characteristics declared by the Merchant, that are in a faulty and/or inadequate condition;
  3. to demand the nims refund from the Merchant in case of non-conformity of the goods with the offer (quality, price, quantity, description, etc.) as well as if the Merchant refuses to give the product out.

We remind you that the transfer of the code from the check to the Seller should be carried out only at the moment or after receiving the goods / services.

Final Provisions

Nimses has the right to independently determine the acceptability of the value of a particular product and/or service.

Nimses has the right to independently determine the degree of acceptability of the visual component of the photos and descriptions attached to the offers.

Nimses has the right to decline an offer in the Nimses Goods without explaining the reasons.

Nimses reserves the right to make any changes and/or amendments to this document without prior notice.

Detailed instructions on how to create a Merchant can be found here.

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