How do I create an account

Download and install the app. Make sure that your device has a proper internet connection. Choose your country and enter your phone number. Wait for an SMS with a confirmation code. It should go through within 5 minutes. Request SMS again not earlier than in 5 minutes.

Once the confirmation code is received and entered, a window will appear in which you have to state your username. If you have an invite-code, copy or type it into the corresponding field that can be opened by tapping on "Enter referral code" under the username line. If your invite-code is a link, you need to install the app by clicking on it. In this case the invite-code will be registered automatically.





In order to "Become visible" and have access to all the functions of the app you have to fill in the information about yourself: specify your gender, add a profile photo, enter your e-mail, profile name, city and brief information about yourself.


You can specify this data either when registering or later by clicking on  pen.png in your profile. Without filling in this info you will not be able to send nims to other users, make purchases in Nimses Goods and access other options.

Creating more than one account is PROHIBITED by Nimses Terms & Conditions.

To create a business account a company representative should register a personal account within the app, and then register on the Nimses Goods platform. All the points of working with the platform will also be described there.


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