How to get verified (HUMAN status)

To get the HUMAN status  you need to get 6 verifications from 6 already confirmed HUMANs (_____.PNG ). You can request verification in your profile by tapping on under your profile photo and choosing the contacts you want to be verified by in the appearing list. In order for all verified users from your contact list to be displayed correctly in the verification request window, their numbers in your phonebook must be of the international format (+, country code, operator code, phone number).

You can also text your friends using chat and ask them to verify you.

Do not worry if at the moment you do not have anyone to verify you. Since now there are not so many HUMANs in the app, they just do not have time to help everyone with verification. Soon there will be much more HUMANs, and the verification process will become much faster. We ask you to be patient, it's all done solely for the further convenience of using the app, so that only real people, without bots and spam, remain in it.

Verification is FREE. Selling, buying and giving verification as competitions prize are prohibited.

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