In the app, Сontributions will be written off your balance daily. It is mandatory for all users and is charged on a regular basis. It is a payment for using the benefits of the social union of all the Nimses people. There is a fixed payment daily automatically transferred by you. For users with USER status it is 144 nims/day, for the HUMAN users — 111 nims/day. In Nimses there are less active and more active people with different statuses. It is the activity and status of a person that determines the amount of the daily contribution.

If a user with USER status does not conduct any activity in the app for 5 consecutive days, their Сontribution starts to grow. By activity we mean any outgoing transactions (including publication of a post), except daily transfers to your Family members. Under condition of at least one transaction per day, the contribution size is minimal and equals 144 nims. Provided there were no transactions, on the 6th day the contribution increases to 288 nims/day and continues to grow.

Day 7 without transactions — 432 nims
Day 8 without transactions —  576 nims
Day 9 without transactions —  720 nims
Day 10 without transactions — 864 nims
Day 11 without transactions — 1008 nima
Day 12 without transactions — 1152 nims.
The Сontribution of 1152 nims/day is the maximum and remains so until the moment of making any basic transaction from your account. After that the contribution falls to the minimum (144 nims/day).

For users with HUMAN status the algorithm of the contribution growth is the same as for USERs.

Minimum 1 transaction/day — 111 nims
Day 1-5 without transactions — 111 nims
Day 6 without transactions — 222 nims
Day 7 without transactions — 333 nims
Day 8 without transactions — 444 nims
Day 9 without transactions —  555 nims
Day 10 without transactions — 666 nims
Day 11 without transactions — of 777 nims
Day 12 without transactions — of 888 nims.
The contribution of 888 nims/day is the maximum and varies according to the same principle as for USERs.

A user`s balance cannot be less than the contribution amount for the next day. In this case you will receive a service message about this.

You can see the size of the current Сontribution in your profile in Nim Account section.



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