Post creation

In order to make a post, go to the Content section. Also, you can make a publication while on the Main Screen/Temple by clicking on add_post.png in the lower right corner of the Temple.

For a post in the Content section
Tap on "Create post" in the Content section in the top part of the screen. Tapping on these buttons will split your screen in two parts. 


If you tap the upper part, you will be able to create a post using your camera - a real-time post. This publication will cost 50 nims.
In the lower part of the screen, you will be able to choose a picture for the post from your phone`s Gallery. It will cost you 100 nims.

After taking/choosing a picture you will be able to write a description and edit it by clicking the  pen.png icon in the top right corner. The length of the description cannot exceed 140 symbols.

The publication evaluation cost is fixed. It equals 5, 10 or 30 nims for a post. All nims spent by other users to rate your post will be credited to your balance.

 The optimal resolution for uploaded images is 1440 pixels on the longer side. For example, if you upload a rectangular image, its longer side should not exceed 1440 pixels.

For a post in the Temp / Main Screen section:
The mechanics for creating publications in the Temple section are the same as in the Content section, but with the additional ability to publish Text Cards.

Text Card is a text format of a publication that is displayed only in the Temple section and is active for 24 hours. Text Cards do not require any costs for publication.
The cost of the Text Card evaluation is chosen by users and is equal to 5, 10 or 30 nims.

To create a Text Card, tap on add_post.png in the lower right corner of the Temple section and start entering text in the input line that appeared.

If you want to post an image in the Temple / Home screen section from the Gallery of your device, hold and pull up the slider (highlighted with a red rectangle in the screenshot).


The post created by you will remain in the Temple, in which you are located at the moment. It is impossible to publish a post in the Temple, where you are not located.


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