In order to leave a comment under the publication in the Content section, you can write the comment directly under the post itself in the field marked "What's your answer?" Also, you can leave a comment and view other users comments by going to the post itself, pulling the slider up, and entering the comment in the field at the bottom of the screen (see screenshot). 

                      Screenshot_7.png                   Screenshot_8.png

Comments must fully comply with the Nimses Terms and Conditions, and should not be offensive, contain spam and other information not related to the post.

To view the profile of the person who left a comment you can click on their profile picture on the left in the comment line.

To delete comments you need to tap and hold the comment and then select the required action.

For the time being comments cannot be nimmed, but perhaps this feature will appear in the next updates. Follow our news so that you do not miss any of the application new features.

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