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Navigation bar buttons meaning

When you start the app, at the bottom of the screen you`ll see the navigation bar, which contains all the main sections of the app:
ICON_FEED_INACTIVE.png Trotuar is a section where you can make posts, see the posts of people near you and the posts of your Family members;

ICON_SEARCH_INACTIVE.png Search — in this section you can search for people, look through Nimses`s latest news, as well as see people near you and Nimses Angels;

ICON_CHATS_INACTIVE.png Chats — in this section you will be able to see your active chats;

ICON_SPACE_INACTIVE.png Space is the main screen of Nimses, where users are displayed in order of their distance from you;

ICON_TIMELINE_INACTIVE.png Events — a section where you can see the news feed, your Family transactions, requests for verification and the list of your purchases in Nimses Goods;

ICON_MYPROFILE_INACTIVE.png Profile — a section where information about your profile is displayed and edited, if necessary;

ICON_GOODS_INACTIVE.png Nimses Goods — a section where you can purchase goods and services for nims.

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