Navigation bar buttons meaning

When you start the app in the center of the screen you will see the Temple in which you are now located (your location will be determined automatically). The main sections of the app are accessible from four sides (you can open them by swiping to the center): Cosmos (at the top of the screen), Nimses Goods (on the left of the screen), Information (on the right of the screen), Trotuar (at the bottom of the screen).
To access the full menu press and hold the Navigation button at the bottom of the screen.
Temple - return to the main screen;
Nimses Goods is the section where you can buy goods and services for nims.
Trotuar is the section where you can make posts, see the posts of people near you (those who are in your Temple), your Family`s posts;
Cosmos is the place where you can see people next to you;
Profile — information about your profile is displayed and, if necessary, edited from here;
Events — this section allows you to see the news feed and the incoming verification requests;
Chats — in this section you will be able to see your active chats;
Search — in this section you can search for people, view the latest Nimses news as well as see the Nimses Angels;
Settings - here you can find links to Nimses legal documents, contact the Support service etc.

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