Your Nimb

Nimb is the total balance of nims of a particular person. A conditional purse, if you like. You can see your and other users` Nimbs by tapping on your photo on the main screen of the app.
The size of the Nimb depends on the total number of nims in it. Nimbs of different people can be compared: the app shows current sizes of Nimbs of all the users who are geographically close in real time. Thus, just passing a person by in the street you can immediately see the size of their Nimbs.

By tapping on your profile picture in Space you will see appearing digital values ​​on your and neighboring profile pictures. This is a whole number which shows the size of your Nimb. In simple words — it`s your nims balance. You can compare it with the one displayed in your profile — the number will be identical. The same is true for users close by. Saved nims are not displayed on the overall balance and are not visible in your Nimb.


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