What can I do in another user`s profile?

Having entered another user`s profile you will be able to:

  • see all the user`s profile pictures by flipping images left or right;
  • send a message to the user by tapping on the chat icon ICON_CHATS_INACTIVE.png in the lower left corner of the profile picture;
  • see the approximate distance to the user at the top of his avatar
  • add or remove the user from Family by tapping on the icon _.png (to add) or RELATIONS_IN_PROFILE.png (to delete or edit the amount of daily transfers) in the lower right corner of the profile picture (if the user has an active Lobby, all these actions will be available on the tap of "Subscribe" or "Subscription settings" button) under the information about the Family. 
  • block the user or report their violations by tapping on dots.png in the upper right corner of the screen;
  • view the subscriptions and subscribers of the user by tapping on the corresponding icons under the window for sending nims;
  • see the user`s balance and the number of nims received and spent by the user per day;
  • send nims in any quantity;
  • see all the posts that the user posted in Feed.
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