To nim a post

Nims completely replace likes. Nims can be spent on other people`s posts in the Feed or in the user`s Profile gallery. Nimming someone`s post means you like it and you have spent your life minutes on it.

In order to nim a post you need to click on the Nimses icon NIM_COURSE.png in the lower left corner of the post.
Each post has its own value. At the moment the cost can be 10 or 20 nims. You can see the cost of one click in the lower left corner of the published image. All the nims spent by other users to rate your publications will be credited to your balance.
You can nim one post an infinite number of times, it all depends on your generosity.

It is impossible to refund nims spent on a post. We recommend that you choose carefully, which posts you nim, because you spend your personal time on them.

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