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Nimses Goods unites businesses and people in th single online-offline space. This is an unprecedented technology of unconditional and unhindered access to any goods for any human being.

In Nimses Goods a person receives a single – the most actual and holistic – view on the surrounding world within the radius from several meters to several kilometers around. This means that all the city possibilities become available for any person with a Nimses profile.

Nimses has united the good old offline world with the newest intuitive online-thinking and has created a transparent open and unconditional space of communication – Nimses Goods.

To enter the Store tap the ICON_GOODS_INACTIVE.png in the navigation panel. Only HUMAN users can subscribe to Nimses Goods. The subscription fee is 15 000 nims.

If you want to offer your goods/services on the Nimses Goods platform, go to the “Nimses Goods” section in the app and tap on “Become a merchant”, or go to the corresponding section on the website. After that you will be able to create a business account.

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