Requirements to the posted content

We want the Nimses users to feel safe. For this purpose we have compiled a list of requirements that you can read below. They will help you understand which posts are acceptable and which can cause complaints and subsequently be deleted.

List of some materials that are prohibited for publication in Nimses:

  • nude body parts or other explicit sexual materials, as well as provocative posts that prompts sexual intercourse
  • expressions of hatred, threats or direct attacks on a person or a group of people
  • materials showing self-mutilation or violence
  •  publication of information and links about fraudulent and scam profiles
  •  publications promoting political, religious, nationalistic and radical organizations, as well as any accompanying content and/or content that can be interpreted as such
  • spamming
  • propaganda of drugs
  • pictures of animal abuse
  • images calling for unlawful actions
  • pictures of eating disorders
  • poor or repeated content
  • unauthorized commercial messages, advertising.

If a publication does not meet the requirements for the content of the post, the administration has the right to delete such publication, and the possibility to make posts will be blocked for a period chosen by the administration.


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