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How to upload and edit a profile picture

To upload a profile picture go to your Profile ICON_MYPROFILE_INACTIVE.png and in the upper left corner tap on pen.png. In the opened section tap on ADD_PHOTO.png. You can choose an image from already uploaded pictures, add a photo from your gallery or take a photo using your device`s camera. Choose an image and upload it. Then you can tap on it and choose "Set as profile picture". You can choose only one profile picture. Other photos will be in your profile photos section. 

To delete an image go to your Profile ICON_MYPROFILE_INACTIVE.png and  in the upper left corner tap on pen.png. Then choose the picture you want to delete, tap on it and tap on dots.png in the upper right corner. Choose the necessary action. 

We strongly recommend to choose your own photo as your profile picture. This will help other users to find you. Also in case of your account being blocked your real photo and your name will facilitate and speed up the process of unblocking and verification. The photo must not violate the Nimses Terms and Conditions

At the moment the optimal resolution for uploaded images is 1440 pixels on the longer side. For example, if you upload a rectangular image, the longer side of it must not exceed 1440 pixels. 

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