Long press the Navigation buttons to open the general menu. At the very bottom find and open the Settings section.

  • Нравится NIMSES? Like Nimses?
    Rate in Google Play/Appstore — by tapping this you will go to the store, where you can rate the app. 
    Invite a friend — by tapping this you wil go to the "Invite friends" section, where you can see your personal invite-code and send invitations to Nimses by tapping on the "Invite" button. For each user registering through your invitation you get 4320 nims. 

  • Settings
    Filter — here you can set the parameters of displaying people around you on the main screen by choosing the age and the gender of those you would like to see (ONLY AVAILABLE for Android devices). 
    Notifications — you can choose which events in the app you will get notified of. 
  • Account
    Edit profile — in this section you can edit the information about your account, your profile and personal data. To edit tap the line with the info you want to change. 
    Blocked users — here you can see the list of the users you blocked. 

  • Information
    About Nimses — by tapping on this you will be able to read the info about what is Nimses. 
    Terms — by tapping here you will be able to read the Nimses Terms and Conditions
    Privacy policy  — here you can read the Nimses Privacy Policy

  • Support
    Help center — by tapping here you will be redirected to the Help Center where you may find answers for any questions about the app. 
    Contact Support — by tapping here you can send us a message with any questions regarding the app. 

  • Delete other active sessions — by tapping on this you will end all the sessions of your account except for the current one. 
    Delete account — by tapping here you can delete your account. 
    Logout — to exit the app. 

    At the very bottom you can see the current installed version of the application.
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