You can increase other users` interest to your profile by using the Lobby feature. Lobby can contain from 1 to 25 images, which are played in cycles and are available for see within 24 hours. The playback speed (1-25 frames per second) depends directly on the number of pictures added. After you have completed the editing, other users will be able to see this Lobby in your Profile and in People section.

In People section users who have already placed a Lobby have an additional black and white Nimb around their avatar. By clicking on it you can see the Lobby of the user.

Go to a user profile from Lobby by tapping on their nickname at the top of the screen. In the lower left corner of the screen you can nim the Lobby, as well as see users who have already assessed it. In the upper right corner you can leave a complaint or block the user who published this Lobby.

To create a Lobby, go to the Profile section, and in the lower right corner of your avatar click on the corresponding button. Unlike the publication of posts on the Feed, the creation of Lobby does not require spending nims. In the opened window you can:

  • add up to 25 photos in your preferred order by clicking on the "+" in the center. To maximize the potential of Lobby we recommend placing a series of consecutive photos;
  • add a description text, which will be displayed in the ticker format;
  • select the number of nims that other users will spend on the evaluation of your Lobby.

In the lower right corner of each Lobby there is a countdown ticking up to the moment when it "burns out". In 24 hours the Lobby is automatically deleted.

After Lobby is published, you can edit it at any time (before expiration) by clicking on the "Edit" icon in the upper right corner of the screen. Please note that when uploading new photos to an existing Lobby, images that were previously added are deleted.

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