If your Nimses account has been blocked, from now on you just need patience. In the general order (regardless of whether an application form was submitted or not) all blocked accounts will be reviewed as to the block removal; after that a service notification will be sent to you in the app.

Going through the Face Recognition Technology will be a mandatory unblocking condition. To successfully go through the Face Recognition Technology please read this article.

A user who deliberately uses someone else's identity to pass the Face Recognition Technology will forever be denied access to the Nimses ecosystem.

Also, for violating the Terms and Conditions and damaging the Nimses ecosystem the user will be charged a percentage of all the nims on their balance. This amount will be determined by the severity of the violations for each user separately.

Repeated violations of Nimses Terms and Policies by users who have been unblocked can lead to a permanent blocking of the account with no recovery possibility.

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