Face Recognition Technology

Face Recognition technology is necessary to additionally secure the account and confirm the user`s uniqueness.
At the moment this function is optional. If you refuse to pass Face Recognition, system will periodically remind you to go through identification.
To start the Face Recognition process you can go to the Profile Settings and select "Identity unverified" option in the Security section. After successfully passing the identification, you will see the "Identity verified" notification.

System messages when passing Face Recognition:

"Sorry, no face is found in the photo" — re-take the photo with better lighting, and also make sure that the face is located clearly in the center of the screen, looking straight into the camera.

"Your photo has low quality or the face already belongs to another user" — re-take the photo in a better lighting, try to stabilize the camera, and also make sure that the face is located clearly in the center of the screen. Try again several times. If the system message continues to appear - contact the support service specifying your login, phone number and the model of your device.

"We have detected more than one face in the photo" - make sure that while you are passing recognition, only your face is in the frame.

Photos created while passing Face Recognition are confidential and not available for other users.


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