How to place an offer on Nimses Goods

To place offers on the Nimses Goods platform, you need to log into your account and create a Merchant.
You can create your offer on the Merchant page by clicking the corresponding button in the upper right corner of the window that opens.

When creating or editing an offer, all fields are required to be filled in.

Photo and description:

  • Photo - contains actual images that fully reflect the characteristics of the product or service. The image should not contain more than 20% of the text in the total and be acceptable for the specified age category.
  • Display name - contains the name of the provided service or product and corresponding to the information specified in the "Detailed description" section. If the offer is a discount, the name should contain information about the amount of the discount provided.
  • Description - contains detailed information about the provided product or service, including size /volume, composition, color variations, delivery terms etc. When placing offers with a discount, the description should also contain the sum of the required additional payment.
  • Price (nims) - the actual cost of the offer in nims. Overpriced offers, comparatively to the relevant price on other resources of the company, will not be able to pass moderation.
  • Total items - the total number of units of goods/services in the offer.

Advanced options:

Pricing and selling period:

  • Type of goods:
                     - The option "Usual Goods / Cafes & Shops / etc" - is used for products and services provided directly at the address specified in the Merchant account. If this option is selected, users can immediately see the location of the company and make a route to the specified point on the map.
                     - "Activation Keys / Digital Products / etc" - is used when placing goods and services that can be obtained or activated on the company's website. Instead of the company's location address, users will see a link to the website specified in Merchant's account.

  • "Discount" — if you mark this field, you will place your offer in the "Discounts" section. We remind you that the minimum discount provided on the Nimses Goods platform is 50%.
  • "Receipt code effective period" - period of time after the purchase, during which the buyer can pick up the purchased goods.
  • "Start of sales / end of sales" - fields that contain information about the dates of the start and the end of the sale of the offer.
  • "Set Limits" - using this function, the selected number of items will be displayed during a certain time interval. So the offer may remain available for longer on the Nimses Goods platform. For example, if you select a limit of 1 unit in 10 minutes, users will be able to make no more than one purchase of this offer in 10 minutes. After making a purchase, the offer will still be displayed оn Nimses Goods, but with an appropriate note and a counter indicating the time when the offer will again be available for purchase.


  • Geotargeting:
                     - Show within a radius of 10 mi - the offer will only be available for users within 10 mi of the location specified in the Merchant account.
                     - In the country - by selecting this option, the offer will be displayed to all Nimses users in all countries where the Nimses Goods platform is open. You can also choose specific countries where the offer will be available: to do so, enter the name of the country in Latin in the field "Target country".



  • Age targeting - the minimum and maximum age of users who will be able to see the offer. People younger / older than this age will not see this offer. If the offer has no age restrictions - the field can be left blank.

  • Balance of nims targeting - the minimum and maximum amount of nims on the balance for users who will be able to see the offer. People with less / more nims will not see this offer. If you do not want to set a limit - the field can be left blank.

  • Gender Targeting - displays the gender of users who will be able to see this offer.


    Promo codes:

  •    - Standard promo codes - the code is generated automatically and is unique for each check.
  •    - Upload your promo codes - the code file must be in * .csv format. Each unique code has to be on a separate line. The file should not contain additional characters or spaces. The correctness of the file format will be checked during downloading, the number of products will correspond to the number of codes in the downloaded file.



After filling in all fields, the offer can be submitted by clicking to moderation by tapping on "Create offer" or save for further publication by clicking "Save in drafts".

The maximum number of simultaneously placed offers from one store can't be more than 6.

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