Merchant guideline requirements

The Merchant's account is "the face" of the company on the Nimses Goods platform. Correct design and detailed information about the company will be helpful to the future clients and will help to attract wider audience.

Several requirements must be met for the successful placing and moderation of the offer:

  1. Only officially registered companies, brands or institutions that provide original products can place their goods on Nimses Goods Platform.
  2. The name of the Merchant should correspond to the correct name of the company, which appears in retail outlets and/or on the official internet resources of the enterprise.
  3. Images attached to the Merchant account should contain a logo of the company and/or original pictures of the presented product. Images must meet the following requirements:
                   - the image should not contain more than 20% of the text in the total;
                   - high resolution is a must (optimal resolution: 1440х1440pxls);
                   - should not contain 18+ content.
  4. The link in the Merchant account should work correctly. All the data on the website should correspond to the information in the Merchant account.
  5. If the company has an office, you must specify the exact address of its location in the Merchant account. Those companies, which provide online non-material services can indicate the city without the exact address.

Responsibility for the correctness of the submitted data and compliance with all requirements of Nimses Goods lies with the Seller.

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