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Procedure of nims withdrawal

Nims buy-out is available only to the users who have fully authenticated themselves and provided the necessary documents. Nims from a Merchant's balance will be automatically transferred to the "Wallet" mceclip1.pngsection after the warranty period expires.. Nims from Merchant`s balance will be automatically transferred into the section «Wallet»  after the warranty period is over. The warranty period is 2 weeks from the moment when the status of the purchase of any of your offers changes to "Used" or "Expired". The information on nims available for withdrawal will be updated on Mondays. The volume of withdrawal is not limited.

The minimum amount for withdrawal is 82,049,760 nims. This amount is equal to the sum of the cost of 1 infinim (63,115,200) and the 30% Contribution amount. When withdrawing 82,049,760 you are guaranteed to receive 15,000 euros.
When the amount necessary for withdrawal is accumulated in the Wallet mceclip1.png, Merchant is able to exchange these nims at a rate fixed at the moment of exchange, or to use Nimses Exchange.

The application for the withdrawal of nims is being processed within 14 days. If during this period Merchant has not provided all the documents necessary for the authentication of the company, their application may be rejected. The application can be submitted again at any time.
After the confirmation of the application, the funds are credited to the checking account at the exchange rate of the Interbank Currency Market as of the date of sale of the common currency.

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