Procedure of nims withdrawal

Starting December 1st, 2017 Nimses has started guaranteed nims withdrawal from Nimses Goods business accounts. This campaign will last until the opening of Nimses Exchange in February 2018. As of now, the withdrawal is made at the rate of 10 000 nims to 1 USD. The further exchange rate will remain the same or will be updated closer to the Nimses Exchange launch in February 2018.

Nims withdrawal is available only for officially registered companies and the transfer of funds is only possible to the checking account of the individual entrepreneur or legal entity. Minimum amount to be withdrawn: 2.000.000 nims. Nims from Merchant`s balance will be automatically transferred into the section «Wallet» mceclip1.png after the warranty period is over. The warranty period is 2 weeks from the moment when the status of the purchase of any of your offers changes to "Used" or "Expired". The information on nims available for withdrawal will be updated on Mondays. The volume of withdrawal is not limited.

A mandatory system deposit from business accounts in Nimses Goods equals 50% of the total withdrawal amount and is charged from each application.

To confirm the application for the withdrawal, the company has to pass mandatory authentication. To obtain a detailed list of necessary documents, the Seller has to provide a valid e-mail address in the chat room of the Nimses Goods Support Service, located in the merchant's administrative panel.
The list of documents and/or information required to identify the Company as a business entity and/or to initiate a payment by wire transfer includes, but is not limited to:

The copy of the Extracts from The United State Register of Legal Entities, Individual Entrepreneurs (Extract) - without signed certification;
The copy of the passport of an individual entrepreneur (the passport must be valid, and if it is not in the form of an ID-card, copies of pages with additional photographs must be provided to confirm the validity of the passport) - certified by the signature of the owner;
A letter certified by the signature of the individual entrepreneur/director (directorate) and seal (if any) of the legal entity, on the provision of assurances and guarantees.
Bank details of the individual entrepreneur / legal entity in hryvnia.

The application for the withdrawal of nims is being processed within 14 days. If during this period Merchant has not provided all the documents necessary for the authentication of the company, their application may be rejected. The application can be submitted again at any time.

After the confirmation of the application, the funds are credited to the checking account at the exchange rate of the Interbank Currency Market as of the date of sale of the common currency.

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