Receipt statuses. How to confirm the status of your purchase.

Information about the current receipt status is available the section”Goods” of the corresponding offer in your Merchant account.

  • Code used - the receipt receives status “Used,” after confirming all conditions of                                     providing goods/services to the Customer and entering the purchase                                   code.
  • Expired - the status is assigned after the expiration of the receipt (if the user did not                          provide  the purchase code in time or the merchant did not enter the code within                  the validity period).
  • Paid - the status is assigned after the Customer confirms nims transaction for the selected             good/service.
  • Refunded - the status is assigned to the receipt after nims refund to the Customer`s                             balance.

To confirm receipt with the status "Paid", enter the code provided by the Customer, in the input field.
We remind you that the transfer of the code from the receipt to the Merchant should be carried out only at the moment or after receiving the goods/services.

After that the receipt is assigned to the status "Used" and is displayed in the corresponding category of the "Purchases" section of the admin panel.


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