Refund policy

The Customer can request a refund in case of:

  1. The Merchant hasn`t provided the good/service before the end of the expiry date of a receipt on Customer`s request or hasn't provided any reply to Customer`s message.
  2. The Customer has tried to contact the Merchant but he couldn`t because of wrong contact information/lack of communication with the Merchant due to technical reasons.
  3. Terms of the offer have been incorrectly described or modified without any prior notice from the Merchant.
  4. The received good/service does not correspond to the description and requirements of the offers being placed (damaged, the integrity of the packaging of the goods is broken, etc.).
  5. Refunds are available only for receipts with status and . Please remember, that the transfer of the code from the receipt to the Merchant should be carried out only at the moment or after you receive goods/services. Receipts with the status are not available for refunds.
  6. The guarantee period since the date of the purchase hasn't ended yet: from the moment the receipt receives status  or  haven`t passed 14 days. After the period ends, nims for the purchase will be transferred to the Wallet of the Merchant and the receipt is not refundable.

Merchant may refuse to return nims to Customer in such cases:

  1. The good/service hasn`t been received till the expiry date on the Customer`s own will:
                   - the Customer hasn't tried to contact the Merchant/ receive the purchase;
                   - the Merchant hasn`t received delivery information.
  2. The Customer has provided the code from the receipt before the actual receiving of the good/service and the purchase has status .
  3. The received offer fully corresponds to the description but does not satisfy the personal requirements and expectations of the Customer. 

In case of courier/postal service product delivery, Customer, when refusing to take goods, has to explain Merchant the reasons for return of the goods and provide the motive of return. It is recommended to make a scanned copy, a photo or a screenshot of the bill, that confirms the fact of processing the return by the postal service.
 The Merchant undertakes to return the goods to the Customer upon receipt of a notice of return from the courier / postal service or after receiving the goods returned by the Customer.
The refund is possible within 14 calendar days from the date of purchase.

Nimses reserves the right to make a final decision on refunds depending on the specific situation.

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