I can`t go through Face Recognition

In order to effortlessly pass the Face Recognition procedure, check that the following conditions are met:

- the person should look straight into the camera, strictly full face;
- the head in the picture should not be tilted forward, backward or to any side;
- there should be no shadows or glare on the face;
- the face should be in focus, sharpness should be adjusted;
- the person in the photo should be on a homogeneous light background (dark and heterogeneous, patterned backgrounds can make it difficult to pass Face Recognition);
- photos in which the user is depicted in sunglasses or in other things that cover any part of the face (masks etc.), will not be able to pass Face Recognition. If you wear glasses for sight, make sure that the lenses do not have glare and visible reflections; lenses should not be toned or darkened. To avoid glare usually you can turn your head slightly or temporarily take off your glasses;
- photos of users in headdresses are allowed only if the headdress is an integral attribute of religious beliefs, and if it does not hide any part of the face.

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