Temple status

You can get to this section from the Main Screen/Temple by swiping from right to left.

In the upper part you will find the name of the Temple in which you are currently located.
The Temple Treasury shows the sum of nims that belong to this Temple. The Treasury is replenished by the Contribution brought in by all the Citizens of the Temple daily, and by the fees for creating publications in Feed.
Under the Temple Treasury you can see the profit of the Temple for the previous day and the number of Citizens in this Temple.

Below is the information about the Temple Master - the user who owns this Temple. Temple Master receives all the nims from the Temple Treasury. You can become a Temple Master if you have at least one Infinim.

Also each Temple has a TOP HUMAN. This is the user with the largest nimb in the Temple. In the People section you will recognize this user by the blue nimb.

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