Navigation button/bar

In all the sections of the app except for Profile editing pen.png/ App settings SETTINGS_IN_PROFILE.png pages, at the bottom part of the screen you will see the Navigation button/bar. 

When you are on the Main screen/Temple, tapping on this button ( in the lower right corner of the screen) will take you to your Profile, and the button will become a Navigation bar. It will include the following sections:


ICON_TAB_COLLAPSE.png"Return to main screen" button 
ICON_TAB_TIMELINE.pngNim account

When entering Goods, City, Temple Status and People sections, the Navigation button changes its image and will display one of the navigation bar sections that you visited last (Music, Chats, Nim account or Profile). 

For example, in case the last section you visited was Music, Navigation button will look like this Screenshot_4.png. If the last one was Nim account, the button will look like  Screenshot_3.png and so on. 


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