Temple navigation

The main screen/Temple is the page that you see when opening Nimses app. You will see the map of the Temple where you are at the moment.

White marks on the map show publications made by users located inside your Temple. Tapping on any mark will open a Mini Feed, which includes the chosen post and 6 other posts located near it.
When entering the Temple you will also see animated activity (comments or nims spent on the post) that has recently taken place with the publications.

In the center of the Temple is the post creation button add_post.png

Clicking on it you can create a publication that will be fixed in this Temple forever.

At the bottom of the screen there is the Navigation button.

From the Main Screen/Temple you can go to the following sections:

- People - by swiping from the top to the center of the screen;

- Information - by swiping from the right to the center;

- Feed - by swiping from the bottom to the center;

- Nimses Goods - by swiping from the left to the center.

With two fingers (the usual zoom out) you can reduce the map to the needed size to go to another Temple, located at any distance (even in Antananarivo, yes). You can get into this Temple simply by tapping on it. All sections accessible from the Main Screen/Temple will change according to the Temple you want to visit.

In order to update your location in the Temple (if the App determines you in the wrong Temple) tap once the Navigation button. After that the App will update your location.

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