Subscribe to a Temple

You can subscribe to any interesting Temple and follow popular posts created within it. Posts from Temples you subscribed to will be displayed the City, in Follows section. You can subscribe to any Temple for 3 nims daily. 

In order to subscribe to any Temple go to it and go to the Temple Information section. In the upper right corner click on 1.png. To unsubscribe from this Temple click on 1.png in the upper right corner again.

Also you can subscribe to a Temple while in its Flow section. Click on "Subscribe to Temple" at the very top of the news feed. If you are already subscribed to this Temple, the inscription at the beginning will change to "Following". Clicking on it you can unsubscribe from this Temple.

To see the list of all Temples you are subscribed to, go to Profile - Subscriptions - Temples. Also if necessary in this section you can unsubscribe from any Temple by clicking on 1.png.

On the Temples map all the Temples you are subscribed to will be marked with 1.png in the upper left corner.

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