Nimses Regulation rules

Nimses protects balance of the system. Users that have not provided enough information to confirm identity will have daily limit set on transfer of nims from one social account to another.

Transaction limit per day for users with the status:

USER - 100 nims
HUMAN - 500 nims
For users with the HUMAN status, who filled in the sections "Private" (first and last name after receiving the status of HUMAN) and "Security" (email, Passage of Face Recognition Technology) in their profile settings - 1500 nims per day.
You can check your personal info in the profile editing section.

Limits apply only to outgoing transactions from one account to another, as well as to the sending of nims for other users posts.

Currently, the maximum amount you can send directly to another user is equal 10 nims at a time.

Stay tuned for unlimited transactions.

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