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Due to the General Data Protection Regulation entry into force we have updated our Privacy Policy. We tried to make it more structured, transparent and easy to understand. We have also amended the app's functionality to give users more control over their personal data. Please, read our new Privacy Policy here. We know you do not like legal documents, but our boring lawyers demand that you read it. 

Privacy Policy has been updated and came into effect since 25.05.18. The confirmation of information usage, which was already given while installing the app, will be required again when entering the application. You will be asked for a one-time confirmation of consent with the "OBLIGATORY FIELDS". In accordance to GDPR, these points should be approved again. This is necessary for the further use of the app and for the correct service functioning. "CONSENT TO DATA PROCESSING" means confirmation of the processing of your data, which will be used, for example, for targeted advertising inside the app and for more convenient use of the service. You can edit the points of this section in SETTINGS_IN_PROFILE.png Settings - Account - Privacy Check.

Obligatory fields:

I confirm that I have carefully read the full text of Nimses App Terms & Conditions. All terms of Nimses App Terms & Conditions and their consequences are clear to me. I accept Nimses App Terms & Conditions in full.

I confirm that I have carefully read the full text of Nimses Inc. Privacy Policy. All terms of Nimses Inc. Privacy Policy and their consequences are clear to me. I accept terms of Nimses Inc. Privacy Policy in full.

I confirm that I am informed about the existence of a minimal age necessary for acquiring the right to independently consent to the processing of my personal data. I also confirm that I have already reached that age.

Consents to data processing:

I allow other Nimses users to find me by my phone number.

I allow using my phone contacts in order to provide me with new and additional services.

I allow using my personal data, such as location, sex, age, results of activities in the Nimses application (for example, the content I like, the music I listen to in Music, the goods I buy in Nimses Goods, users I follow or interact with etc.) in order to create a profile of mine, so that Nimses Inc. and its advertising partners could use such a profile to display ads most relevant to my interests and preferences.

I allow using my personal data, such as email and phone number for sending advertising and marketing newsletters from Nimses Inc.and its advertising partners via email, sms-messages, push-messages.

I allow Nimses Inc. to apply face-verification technologies (recognition) to my image for account recovery and account security purposes, as well as for checking the account creation mechanism (whether the account is real).

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