Step-by-step guide to the simplest way of releasing an advert.

To get your advert out there as soon as possible Nimses has a quick release option.

Step 1

Choose what your advert will look like.

An advert can just either be just an IMAGE or an IMAGE WITH TEXT

Our advice…

  1. If you don’t want to distract your audience with unnecessary text on your image choose the second option. In that instance an additional description appears beneath the ad: you create both a headline and a description.

In both instances you display some text on the ‘call-to-action’ button. Through this button you take the user to your site, shop or to Nimses Goods (If that’s where your selling the item).

  1. The call to action which you choose or write yourself should clearly and concisely tell the user what  will happen if they press the button.

Step 2

To make your advert as effective as possible you need to understand who exactly will find it interesting. Indicate the age range and sex of those who will watch your advert.

Our advice…

  1. Don’t target everyone at once. Specify the characteristics of your target audience in order to be more successful.

Those who can see your advert are those who happen to be next to what you’re advertising. You’re not just showing the advert in the right country, town or region but in the very “Temple” where your audience are in right now.

  1. Choosing specific Temples (local areas defined by specific coordinates) the advertiser motivates the viewer to consider buying straight away, while they are nearby.

Step 3

Choose a sum of nims that you’d be happy to spend on showing this advert to people: your budget. Then choose how much you’d pay for each view. Each announcement lasts 5 seconds. You won’t pay anything if the user watches less than 5 seconds.

Our advice…

  1. The more nims you’re prepared to pay for a view, the more likelihood that your advert will win in the auction alongside other announcements and the more watch your advert.

When will my advert be released?

Just as soon as the moderators have checked it and given it the go ahead.

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