Standard ad release

This path should be taken by those who wish to fully manage the continued advertising of their brand or business: creating advertising campaigns and multiple notices.

The release of a full-scale advertising campaign in Nimses includes:  

  • a full campaign
  • a set of advertisements
  • a single advertisement 

What is it?

If your ad campaign has one or many adverts that can be shown to multiple audiences this is called a set of adverts.

Step 1

To start with you create a campaign.

Give it a name. This is important so you can find this campaign on a list among the other campaigns launched by your brand. If you want you can indicate the budget that you’re spending on the advert.

Our advice…

You can create a budget for a set of adverts or for the entire campaign. In either case the available options are:

Daily Budget: sum of nims which you’re prepared to pay for an advert each day.

Budget for Entire Campaign: sum which you will spend for the entire period that your campaign is active.  

Step 2

Name the set of adverts so you don’t get confused and can easily find this set among others.

Then choose the section where users will see your advert on the app: Temple, People or Content.

Who to advertise to?

To make your advert as effective as possible you need to understand who exactly will find it interesting. Indicate the age range and sex of those who will watch your advert.

Our advice…

Don’t target everyone at once. Specify the characteristics of your target audience in order to be more successful.

Those who can see your advert are those who happen to be next to what you’re advertising. You’re not just showing the advert in the right country, town or region but in the very “Temple” where your audience are in right now.

Choosing specific Temples (local areas defined by specific coordinates) the advertiser motivates the viewer to consider buying straight away, while they are nearby.

Which language should I use?

Your audience can use the app in multiple languages. Indicate a few languages that will capture the largest audience.

Step 3

Choose a sum of nims that you’d be happy to spend on showing this advert to people: your budget. Then choose how much you’d pay for each view. Each announcement lasts 5 seconds. You won’t pay anything if the user watches less than 5 seconds.

Our advice…

The more nims you’re prepared to pay for a view, the more likelihood that your advert will win in the auction alongside other announcements and the more watch your advert.

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