My advertising office

The moment you enter your advertising office it will be suggested that you create a brand.

How to create a brand?

Your brand is your company, shop, restaurant, public persona or even you yourself. All your advertising affairs will be posted under the name of your brand.

If you want to create another brand simply press the little arrow next to the name of your brand. There you will see “Create Brand +”. Press this button and create. If you’re already selling in Goods then you can connect your brand to your Store. This will help you promote the goods or services you have on offer.

You’ve created a brand and now you can use quick release or standard release for your advert or advertisement campaign.

After the release you can follow the status and progress of your advert in your Ads account.

What is your Ad Manager?

In your Ad Manager you see your campaigns, sets and individual adverts.

Once choosing one of the options you’ll see their stats.

As long as you're in the “Campaigns” folder you’ll see the stats for all the campaigns of the selected brand. If you click on a specific campaign from the list then you’ll see all advert sets in that campaign and their stats. It’s the same within an advert set. Click on one of your sets within the campaign and you’ll be taken to a list of each individual advert in that set and its stats.

Using the button opposite the name of the campaign, set or single advert you can turn on or off the display.

Pressing on the name you can delete, edit or duplicate any campaign, set of ads or individual ad.

Pressing on “Display” you choose what will be displayed in your Ad Manager.

Also you can sort your campaigns sets and individual ads into a list according to date.

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