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Advertise responsibly by following our Advertising Policy

Why are there guidelines?

You are paying for your advert to be seen. Your advert brings nims to those who watch it. If they like what they see then your advert is effective.

Nimses wants their app’s content to be safe and orderly. Guidelines and policies help to guarantee this environment for the user. Nimses wants content that does not contain forms of bullying, discrimination, propaganda or deception nor incites violence.

Nimses reserves the right to block content which advertises other social media or offers likes or followers on external platforms.

Nimses monitors content

The Nimses moderators evaluate advertising content on a scale of 1-10. The quality of the visual content, said content’s relation to the text, the text itself, grammar and punctuation are all factors considered when grading.


  • the content achieves a score lower than 6 then it will not pass the monitoring process. To pass the process the content must abide by all the guidelines

  • you indeed abide by all the guidelines then approval of your content should take less than 2 hours provided that you submitted it for moderation between the hours of 10:00 and 19:00 (GMT +2). In some cases it may take longer

  • you have a question and decided to raise it with the Nimses Support Team through an online form typically you will receive an answer within 24 hours. In some exceptional cases it may take longer

Content Guidelines

Remember to abide by the guidelines.

There are no exceptions. Any infringement and your content will be blocked.

Our criteria are not just suggestions.

Our criteria exist in order to unify the advertising content on the platform. This means to maintain a unified format, size, quality and amount of text. Nimses doesn’t want to irritate people with low-quality adverts.

Visual Element

If the visual element of the advert is low-quality, uninteresting or text-heavy then you will not be successful. A viewer has five seconds to see, understand and then want what you’re advertising. To be successful, satisfy the following criteria:

Image size: less than 1MB.
Format: JPEG.
Minimum Resolution: 600 x 733 pixels.
Ideal Resolution: 1440 x 1760 pixels.

Content should not replace quality. In turn, an image should not:

  • Deceive
    • Represent the Good or Service as it is in real life.
  • Confuse
    • The viewer needs to know what is being advertised: the yoghurt or the fridge it is inside.
  • Embellish
    • The colour, size and appearance should not seem better than it is in real life.

There cannot be more than 2-3 words on the image. Unnecessary words merely distract from the visual element. Tell us what you’re offering but be snappy.


28 is the maximum number of characters in your headline. Don’t waste them.

Your headline is a phrase that will catch the viewer’s attention and imagination.

120 is the maximum number of characters in the description.

The description is your chance to tell the viewer what they need to know in order to want your goods or services.

Don’t say:

  • “LIMITED OFFER”, “DON’T MISS OUT”, “ONE TIME ONLY”. You won’t fool anyone like that. A person can decide for himself what he’s missing out on or not. Spend your characters on meaning.

  • “THE BEST”, “THE MOST BEAUTIFUL”, “EXCLUSIVE”. No need to add qualifying words like this. Tell it like it is and they’ll want it.

  • IRRELEVANT LIES. You know who needs your product and why. Tell them what they need to know to want it.

Advertising policy

On Nimses you can’t just advertise anything. There are certain goods and services that are unwelcome. Adverts relating to the following are forbidden:

  • Pornography, nudity or sexually suggestive images
  • Alcohol
  • Smoking-related products (including vaping, e-cigarettes and hookah)
  • Medicines
  • Adult products and services
  • Weapons and ammunition
  • Prohibited financial products and services (including cryptocurrency and related products)
  • Offers related to likes or followers on external platforms
  • Gambling
  • Ads that propagate radical agenda, political and election-related ads
  • Drugs, drug-related products
  • Goods or services deemed illegal by the government in which they are being advertised

Nimses may require factual substantiation for any claim, any proposal made in ads.

Nimses reserves the right to reject in our sole discretion and remove any ads for any reason.

Each advert on Nimses is reviewed by Nimses Support Center.

Information in this guideline is not full and is provided for convenience purpose only.

See more details regarding requirements to the advertising activities in Nimses Ecosystem in Nimses Ads Terms of Service and Advertising Policy.

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