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Hi, Anyone know why I can't post anything? Wherever I want to post something It doesn't upload, the "add" or "post" icon in the middle turns into a "refresh" icon and I can't do anything, like if I didn't have internet but I have. I already erased cache and It didn't work


La aplicación no me deja publicar, soy de México
Go nominate me my account name is adam0306👌🏻

18 +

I feel like this app should include an 18+ mode where you can either choose to see or choose not to see 18+ content. In any other social media app, of course there’s going to be some kinds of posts that some people want to see, and some people don’t want see. So why not cater to both? If you know...
I’m locked out from logging in and out of my app. Iv been logged out for hours
Hey. I got some problem with Invites. My code 50 people already invite me but why i not to get 1 dominim? Can someone help me? I need that dominim! Thanks before,
Here in Brazil my internet isn't that good and I had to keep trying to resend the verification numbers but now the app doesn't even want to send it it just says failed attempt try latter it has been 10 hours please help
We need a place where we can view what people liked and a place to access threads and comments and all that stuff. If clicking the notification somehow doesn't work then there's practically no way to access what happend
I think there should be an option to select the amount of nims you want to send when you hold down the nim button e.g. 10/50/100/500/1000 instead of having to spam 10.
So 50 ppl used my code and i wonder when i will earn my dominim
Just want to know where to go to see any of my posts that are reported since rn the only time I can see them is in notifications.


Здравствуйте, интересует можно ли пользоваться эмуляторами Android для автоматизации процесса постинга материалов в сообществах Nimses пока нет API (конкретней - постинг по расписанию нового контента)? И что есть приемлемо при размещении предлагаемых пользователями постов:1 - автоматизация постин...
So I use my work phone to login .. and whenever I'm done with the app I logout Now it tells me that I've requested the code to login too many times and I can't login now .. how can I solve this? Also can't I just login by email after I've verified my number once
Love this app! I have an idea. In the future if you are able to use this currency in stores, there should be a Nimses credit card, you Can add it to apple or google play too. Just a thought!

Dota 2

Clip of highlighted Moments
Honestly a pretty import source of nims and they wont load. Even reinstalled
How do I get rid of my daily nims transfer limit even though I am already human?
После покупки доминима не могу никого номинировать, выдает сообщение о лимите подписки. Поддержка отписывается банальным "мы работаем над этим".
I know how to get a invite link. to send out to friends. but what do I have to do to find myself a invite code. for others to use.
there should be an option to allow other members of a community to post in a community, otherwise it’s just a fan page
I watched a few ads yesterday with no problem ten all of a sudden they wouldn't load and its been like that since then, anyone know what's going on?
So, here is my pitch. I think the app is a super cool idea, but as of right now, there is nothing to do on it... These are my suggestions to keep the users glued to the app: - adding minigames, that you can play with people of your temple and where you can bet a said amount of nims on - adding ...
Como cambio mi unidad de medida de impacto de millas a km???


Post whatever memes as long as it is not offensive to any religion, gender, race etc. Repost is not welcomed
Is anyone else not recieving a verification code when they put in their phone number? I've tried hundreds of times and still nothing.
I have this problem in "My Profile" where it won't show any of the posts that I just posted. A small pop-up says that something went wrong and leaves me on my profile that says I haven't posted anything yet. I already tried clearing cache and data, logging out of the app and reinstalling the app....
Here you can discuss all about anime.
Hey there, I wanted to create account on my phone for this app, I select country and phone number and click to send the 4 digit code, but it never arrives. Any ideas? Some people around me got that app so it is in my country and I do type the phone number correctly.
Trying to do the face verification thing, but no matter how many times I try take a photo it always says low quality, even though there is more than sufficient lighting, and entire face is in the circle. I will consider this feature broken for then time being until it's fixed.